Welcome Starlings of the Universe 

It is my goal and life's mission to provide you with a unique and holistic approach  helping you reach your health and wellness goals to achieve a more perfect balance between the mind body and spirit


Bioenergetic Training is based on the fact that no element separate Mind from Body and Soul



I am unbound by the linear concept of time and space.  

Fragments of my own expressions of Oneness.

Ordained Life Coach specializing in Bioenergetic Vibrational Therapy's.  

Empathic Medium with special gifts to accelerate Spiritual Transformation. 

After a near death experience my abilities were exponentially heightened.  

 I am  using my blessed talents & gifts only for the greater good of mankind. 

Substance Abuse & Addiction

 Near Death End of Life & Traumatic Stress Disorder 

 Bipolar Disorder & Suicide Tendencies 

Group & Charity Therapy & Counseling  

Relationship & Career Coaching



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Bioenergetic Rebalancing

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