Welcome Starlings of the Universe 

Restore your health and wellness learning to balance your mind, body and spirit energies. It is my goal and life's mission to provide you with a unique and holistic approach to helping you reach your health and wellness goals to achieve a perfect balance between the mind, body and spirit energy's.  

Offered Gifts & Services

I am a Life Coach and Empathic Psychic Medium. I have been blessed with psychic gifts and abilities from a very young age. After a near death experience in 2004 my abilities & gifts were exponentially heightened. I began to practice them more fluently as they became stronger over time and space. I am now using my blessed gifts and talents only for the greater good of mankind.  

Ordained USUI & ULC

Distant Therapy Healing & Counsel 

Chakra Opening & Unblocked Energy Flow

Tarot Card Channeled Reading

Angelic Channeled Psychic Readings

Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner

Substance Abuse & Addiction Counseling

Near death, End of Life and Traumatic Stress Disorder Counseling 

Metaphysical, Bipolar Disorder & Suicide Tendencies

Group and Charity Psychic Consulting & Healing Therapy   

Relationship and Career Coaching with Intuitive Empathic Medium Insights 

Ether Psychic Medium Hotline.   



Maira Moon Psychic Consulting

07/01/2014 00:00
My new website has been launched today. I am offering everyone who visits a free consultation. So...

Intuitive Career Psychic Reading

07/01/2014 00:00
This is part of a reading I did for a client asking for more information about Business &...


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